Would you like to experience the best Japanese food during your stay in Japan ?

Proud to be the largest Japanese family restaurant chain in Japan.

We offer authentic Japanese food at reasonable prices. Our Japanese family restaurant appeals to people of all generations regardless of age or gender. The seasonally updated Fair Menu and the all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu, known as Sato-shabu are our popular items.

In order to serve you the best quality,the sushi is handmade immediately upon receiving your order.

We'd like you to thoroughly enjoy sushi that everyone loves by offering even better taste at reasonable prices in a casual atmosphere. Our restaurants are located not only in the suburbs but also in the metropolitan areas with good access.

The specialty of Hozenji Yokocho Alley where many travelers visit.

Along with our usual offerings, we have also preserved the traditional taste of an Osaka specialty, Meoto Zenzai, the Couple′s Red Bean Sweet Soup, since establishing the shop. It′s called Meoto Zenzai (the Couple′s Red Bean Sweet Soup), because one serving is presented in two separate bowls. The dish is considered good luck for lovers.

Taste a Japanese traditional set meal.

A wide variety of our menu created with a theme of “Thanks, Mom.” are beloved by a wide range of customers. We also offer hand-made style set meals.

The tempura and tendon specialty shop is known for its Ebi Tendon.

This fast, casual operation was made with the concept of “fast, reasonable and piping hot.”. Most inexpensive, authentic tempura and tendon are served here.