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Based on our philosophy of "contributing to society through by providing food services," we have consistently developed our businesses that provide food services since our establishment as a restaurant chain of primarily Japanese cuisine. In particular, over the past several years, in order to become a company that can provide value to a wide variety of customers as part of the "social infrastructure that provides food services" that is essential to people's lives, we have shifted from our previous restaurant structure, which focused on the mid-priced Japanese restaurant category "Washoku Sato" and the conveyor belt sushi category "Nigiri Chojiro," to a new structure that emphasizes more everyday enjoyment. By expanding the opening of fast casual tendon restaurants, pork cutlet specialty restaurants, and set meal restaurants, we have transformed our portfolio into a pyramid-shaped store structure with a wide base that can meet a wide range of customers and diverse food needs.

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused a variety of changes in needs in the food world, the environment surrounding the restaurant industry is also continuing to undergo significant changes, such as the declining birthrate, aging population, advancement of digital technology, and changing lifestyles. And in the midst of these dizzying changes, we believe it is the mission of our group to further enhance our presence as a "social infrastructure that provides food services". I also believe that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has made the importance of the value we have been providing and the significance of our existence as a social infrastructure clear unexpectedly. The value of being able to take daily meals without the burden of household chores will continue to grow in the future, in what has been called the era of coexist with the coronavirus and post pandemic. This means that our group's business will become even more important as "social infrastructure". In this sense, we will continue to aim for sustainable growth by providing products and services that will be chosen and appreciated by many customers with confidence and pride. We ask all of our stakeholders for their further understanding and support.

Masahiko ShigesatoPresident, CEO

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