Business Model

Our Business

Here we will introduce the Japanese restaurant "Sato Xanadu" as a business model for overseas development.

Business model (example of opening a restaurant in Taiwan)

February to March
  • Carry out local market research (three times)
  • Survey competing restaurants (other Japanese-style eateries) comparing price, quality, taste, and other areas.
  • Survey popular local eateries
  • Observe locations
  • Contract sign-up completed
  • Create restaurant blueprints
May to June
  • Survey local food (two surveys)
  • Create menu plan
  • Carry out first training session for local management in Japan (three weeks)
  • Decide on a restaurant design
  • Create provisional menus (local)
  • Photography to create menu book
  • Carry out second training session for local management in Japan (three weeks)
  • Recruit new employees
  • Start to train employees
  • Complete restaurant preparations; train employees on-site two weeks before openinig
  • Pre-open period (3 days before opening)
  • 7th: Grand opening
After the opening Veteran product development staff regularly visit Taiwan, providing menu suggestions and product guidance. Veteran staff who have studied restaurant administration in Japan for many years regularly check the store management situation. (Guidance details and related costs depend on contract details)

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