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Washoku Sato (Japanese Food Family Restaurant Chain)

We are the largest Japanese restaurant chain nationwide and proudly offer you authentic Japanese food at reasonable prices. The restaurant appeals to people of all generations regardless of age or gender, and the seasonally updated "fair menu" and the all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu, known as Sato-shabu, are the signature dishes.

Tendon Tempura Honpo Santen (Tendon and Tempura Fast Casual Restaurant)

We are a specialty restaurant serving 390 yen prawn Tendon, prawn tempura rice bowl, as the signature dish. With the concept of "Quick, Low-Price and Really Hot," our fast-casual restaurant offers genuine tempura and Tendon at the lowest price range by improving production efficiency inside the store.

Meotozenzai (Japanese Traditional Sweet Soup Café)

Since its foundation, we have preserved the traditional taste of Osaka specialty, Meotozenzai. It is called Meotozenzai (red beans sweet soup for couples) from dividing one serving into two bowls to share with. The dish is considered as a good luck charm for lovers.

Nigiri CHOJIRO (Gourmet Sushi-Go-Round Restaurant)

We serve you the delicacies of taste that only experienced chefs can realize. Using carefully selected seafood and other toppings, we offer you the varieties of freshest and seasonal sushi.

Miyamoto Munashi (Home Style Set Meal Restaurant)

We offer you a variety of menus cooked with the theme of "Thank you, Mom." Our home style Teishoku, or set meals, are loved by a wide range of customers.

Katsuya (Pork Cutlet Fast Casual Restaurant)

"Is it possible to offer tastier Pork Cutlet at a lower price?" We sought for the taste all generations of people can enjoy and realized "Katsuya," the Pork Cutlet specialty restaurant, with the price that customers can enter the store casually. Our Pork Cutlet features crispy, tender and big size.

Converging from diverse businesses into a Japanese restaurant chain

  • Converging to a business where we can exploit our strengths
  • Entry barriers to Japanese food remain high (fewer competitors)
  • Sato currently has the largest number of restaurants in the Japanese restaurant business

Number of Restaurants

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