Enviromental Measures


Efforts to address environmental issues

Established dedicated Safety and Environment Office

  • Reduced waste, raising food recycling rate to 24% in fiscal 2008
  • Achieved 100% recycling of food waste from product centers through carbonization
  • Achieved 100% recycling of waste oil to produce medicated hand soaps used in all restaurants
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by developing electric-only restaurants; converting light bulbs to LEDs; introducing zero-ebullition noodle cookers, the EcoCute water-heating system, and highly efficient air conditioners
  • Reducing food waste by frequently preparing small quantities of food and visualizing data
  • Participating in the government's "Team Minus 6%" initiative to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Awarded the Environment Minister's Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Food Recycling in 2008-a restaurant industry first

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