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We offer the expertise our company has cultivated in areas such as pre-opening preparation, business maintenance and expansion, menu development, and personnel training while endeavoring to enhance food culture. Basically we leave direct store operation, such as sales and labor management, to you, but when it comes to key ingredients (soup and dashi stock) and menu development, we take a supervisory role as we consider your requests and profitability. We also supervise operational aspects, such as hygiene, cooking, ingredients, and customer service.

Support for business startups

We carry out local market surveys on market price, competition, and other aspects. Based on survey results, we investigate feasibility and confirm mutual intention to take the business forward.

Supporting business startups

Since our highest priority is to provide "genuine Japanese food to customers at reasonable prices" using local ingredients is a key concern. Accordingly our staff, who are experienced in procurement and product development, will help you select and monitor your ingredients and suppliers.

Concerning actual restaurant design, each area is subject to local laws. We will help you comply with regulations for basic design, including kitchen and flooring layout.

Moreover, we will take selected members of the teams carrying out kitchen, floor service, and other operations, and train them in our facilities in Japan (depending on the situation, this training may also take place in your country). Please note: Costs for acquiring visas and other related matters are on your account.

Supporting business security

After establishing a business, we will also collaborate with you in product development and regularly updating the menu. For restaurant development we will supervise such areas as general operations, ingredients, productivity, and hygiene management during regular contract-based visits.

As recorded above, the basic details depend on the individual contract. For specific consultation, please click to access "Contact us".

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